EFT is a unique, effervescent biofertilizer and soil additive. Each dissolvable tablet contains billions of beneficial soil microbes.  EFT manufactures and distributes a number of bio fertilizers, probiotics, and soil amendments for the agricultural industry. Additionally, we manufacture biological products for other  industries.

Bio-fertilizers are used to supplement chemical fertilizers as also to maintain soil fertility; besides the following:-

  1. Bio-Fertilizers are supplement to Chemical Fertilizers.
  2. Bio-Fertilizers are cheap and can reduce the cost of cultivation.
  3. Fix Biological Nitrogen in the soil, which is readily available to the plant.
  4. Increase crop yield by 4-5% on an average.
  5. Improve soil properties and sustain soil fertility.
  6. Provides plant nutrient at low cost and useful for the consecutive crops.

The applicability of Bio-Fertilizers marketed by EFT of different crops is as under: