Bio-digester technology is the environment friendly way to treat waste. The device can treat the human waste under anoxic conditions; can convert the human wastes into usable water and gasses in an eco-friendly manner. A bio-digester is an anaerobic (oxygen free) multi-compartment tank, which digests human waste material biologically. It is an airtight chamber with inlet for fecal waste and outlets for by-products that is water and methane gas. Night soil degradation occurs through microbial reaction and gets converted into odorless water and small quantity of gases.. The treated water can be used for irrigation/reused for flushing.

Bio Digester Features :

• No operation cost.
• No Sewage Lines required.
• 100% maintenance free system.
• No Sludge or residual formation/ No manual intervention.
• Zero Pollution.
• Suitable for any temperature zone.
• Generate methane gas and reusable water.
• Passed from All pollution Boards.
• Permits use of all types of cleansing agents.
• Suitable for mobile and stationary platforms.
• Economically viable

Efficient, effective, and environmentally friendly, bio -digesters treat high strength waste.  

Aerobic Bio-digesters are the newest treatment methodology for high-strength organic waste. They are extremely efficient because microbes are exponentially more effective at digesting organics, fats/oils/greases, and hydrocarbons if they have a fixed film media surface on which to live.

Aerobic Bio-digester technology has been limited in the past by the type of aeration used. New developments in bubble size have expanded the use of bio-digesters for high strength waste.